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No coins, No gimmicks

We are here to help you cut the drama and bring rewards that you seek instead of bombarding you with irrelevant offers, deals or benefits.

All that you Seek

Seek will bring you unmatched rewards and benefits personalised for you without invading your privacy and selling your data.

You’re in control

Building a privacy-first and rewarding future, powered by your own choices while ensuring you stay in control of the choices you make.

Seek + You
A Rewarding Experience

We are all about finding you the best deals and rewards every day.
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Brands You Love

Seek curates your interests and preferences to help brands offer you a unique experience.

Better with Friends

Seek helps you and your friends earn real rewards for things you do every day.

Stop Deal Hunting

Seek recommends offers customised for you. No more searching and hunting for coupons and codes.

You’re in Control

We respect your privacy. You own your data and have complete control over who gets what.