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For the Consumer, let’s start with WHY.

You probably have 3+ Credit Cards, 5 reward programs and are subjected to dozens of emails and notifications that offer you a “reward” for your spending, bill payment or purchases. 

Those emails and notifications aren’t as benign as you may think. The marketing ecosystem has evolved into a behavioural psychology playground and the greatest minds in the field are racking their brains 24×7 on how they can get you to convert. 

Brands now use every trick in the playbook to hook, nudge and trigger you with rewards, offers, deals and discounts of all kinds. Ads follow you from an Airplane seat to bathroom door. The tools and scientific methods available to advertisers have advanced to the point where you might sometimes feel that your mind is being read.  

Remember the time when you saw that ad on a site and thought ‘how could they know that?’ – yeah, that.  An offer or ad just at the right time and the right place, just waaay too convenient to be pure luck. 

Companies are today swimming in your personal and behavioural data collected and sold by platforms such as social media, banking, lending and others. They know what you’re thinking – quite literally.

But here’s the thing. There’s no reason to have to play this game.
At least, not like this.

Seek aims to change the rules.

We are here to help you cut the drama and help brands give you what you seek instead of bombarding you with irrelevant offers, deals or benefits.

This membership program is the humble beginning of a privacy-first and rewarding future, powered by your own preferences while ensuring you stay in control of the choices you make.

You’re in control.

Seek will bring you unmatched rewards and benefits without invading your privacy and selling your data.

For Brands

Seek is building the future of Advertising — Customer Acquisition and Retention for businesses with a platform that respects its members’s privacy and enables businesses to adopt consumer-first marketing practices.

The platform will help you achieve your goals without the hassles of opaque targeting methods and jargon-loaded advertising tools.

With Seek, you’ll be able to reach, retain and acquire new customers at a fraction of your current cost of marketing.

If you’d like to know more, send us a hello @ with the subject “lower my CAC” or “improve my Retention”. 🙂

Thank you for your time. Don’t forget to subscribe and join the club. 🙂

Aside, we are also working really hard on educating people on how to protect their data, privacy and how modern advertising works.

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